Stay Sharp

Monday, July 02, 2018

Brother Of Will


“Chaos Reigns”, said the Fox. Deep within, where the dark arrives early. Roots and stone, We face the night, chasing phantoms. Walk alone, down the path of most resistance, reaching a point is of no value, the void is full of findings for the man who looks and want to find. Loud figments of imagination, always walking by your side, keeping you active and alert.  

Part of F.S journal - 1972

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Shadow Sister / Project X

Shadow sister

Walking into the night,
nil remorse.

No way on looking back,
Alone as the dark becomes your closest ally.

Shadow sister.

Nothing to fear,
as you reach deeper into the dark.

Blinded and hopeless is the way forward,
into the void.

Brother of will

See you ego disappear,
become nothing with the night.

Warmth and comfort very distant now,
delete yourself from all.

Father of freedom

Random encounters on your mind,
Kill ‘em all, let your imagination roam free.

As you become one with nothing,
nothing at all.

Mother of death

Alone in the woods, at the right place at the right moment
Nothing matters but the breath you carry within you, full of life
Nothing precious labeled with you name now, title-less roamer
Discovering the deep, your own dimension covers all

Proof's In The Pudding