Stay Sharp

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Third and last builder in this triology 'bout the NWOJCB (NewWaveOfJapaneseCustomBikes), and the "Metric" style chopper building. The Brat-Style was awesome, cool bikes and cool people. So be aware people, that Harley you are sitting on might be outrun by a 750cc Brat in a very near future.

STYLE & SPEED is the motto here!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A.N.A's inflight magazine WingSpan

Freelance Journalist Tony McNicol and I went on a journey through China by train last year. An assignment for one of Japans leading airlines and their inflight magazine WingSpan. The train took us from Shanghai to the remote city of Urumqi, near the border to both Mongolia and Kazakhstan. The article turned out pretty good and if you're flying an ANA flight this month please read the excellent article by Tony and check out the stunning photography produced by m.w.c.p.

Radical Mc

Radical Mc makes a fresh wind in the Japanese custom building society, that's for sure. This being a continuous part II of a bigger article for a German custom bike builder magazine. I call it the "N.W.O.J.C.B" that is the New Wave Of Japanese Custom Bikes. Riding a Harley has become something for Sunday riding old men with new leather outfits over here in japan, riding Japanese is for free thinkers and against the main stream according to these brilliant art mechanics. Don't know what is what really but one thing I do know. Their bikes kick ass, maybe nothing a 4 meter American custom monster build will do if you ask me.

Stef the French dude!

Snapped some shots of Stef from Paris doing some work on Jeremy, also from Paris. Check his web page at

Stef is being a guest artist at TATTOO.CHURCH ( here in Tokyo for a month. I did an article about Stef and his incredible tattoo skills for the March issue of TATTOO BURST magazine and it turned out pretty well. I had to edit down Stefs 45 hand written letter to me to a tight 2 pager but it worked.