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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

Eric Arthur Blair (1903-1950)

Homage to George Orwell, may his name and words forever be remembered and read.

Some of his great work includes the novels Burmese days 1934, A Clergyman’s Daughter 1935, Keep the Aspidistra flying 1936, Coming up for air 1939, Animal Farm 1945, Nineteen Eighty-Four 1949. Books on personal experiences, Down and out in Paris and London 1933, The road to Wigan Pier 1937, Homage to Catalonia 1938 plus a big volume of essays and poems.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


If you wanna see how you are supposed to put up your stickers "Tokyo NFK/RxKxBx Style", take a look HERE!!

"11 Fist Fuck" has become an instant classic already!

2nd Annual ROAD KILL

Sunday July 6, start at 12 noon with a flea market / swap meeting so bring all your old bike stuff (anything) that you don't need anymore. Then we go for a ride, RxKxBx style i.e. No Rules, and end up the day with some decent death metal at The Ghetto.

Watch out for these 4 flyers in bike shops around Tokyo very soon.

All design by Mookie A.K.A Bass Knuckle

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

700x32C on VELOCITY Deep V

Oh yeah, fat fits fine. I'm rolling with a 700x32 MAXXIS DETONATOR since today and even if I was told that it will slow me down (make me slower cos it's heavier...) I have to say,'s fast enough!! And with that grip I can go full throttle all the time. And if you have any power left to skid that fat thing to a stop it will do so "pronto"!

Green Japan

There are crabs in the forest, white ones!

The Zen of today. Just what I came to get away from...

Foods great!

Wow, just a couple of hours out from Tokyo proper by the local train is greener than what is considered normal. Or is it just the asphalt and concrete in the city that has dulled my vision? Nice with a break sometimes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


20.000 viewers in total on the blog up to today. Thanx for checking it out people.


Shooting With The Soft Machine Bros!

I had the pleasure to work with H.C street brand SOFTMACHINE today. To find people with a more down to earth and cool attitude to the whole fashion scene and still being able to produce top notch stuff is for me a quality that is priceless.

Check it out!

Tall Bike The B.L.B.C Way

Check this shit out

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Chicken Hut - Brooklyn N.Y.

Outlawed by the outlawed, the BLACK LABEL BIKE CLUB is something you don't hear about on a daily basis...yet! Thanks to BLBC Greg I had the chance to meet some of the people around as well as hang out on the coolest fucking roof top in the world. Man, do I love Brooklyn! Looks like some run down, thrash filled slum industrial skid row at first sight, but when you take a look behind the facade you'll find some pretty cool people and stuff going on. Well, after been in Japan for some 10 years, anything "western" looks a bit shitty to me. Just by chance, I was "home staying" just one block from the Chicken Hut, the BLBC's HQ's. Even got me a lesson in Tall Bike manners, man was I hooked! Brakeless, freewheel 2 meters up... that's the way to roll!

Next year the BLBC are planning a trip to Nippon and the RxKxBx are going to do everything we can to support them. Anyone with connections in the art studio / garage / weld / thrashed bike frame / magazine field, contact me. Lets give the Tall Bike innovators a warm welcome 2009.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Studio Vitalism

Scenes from some simple but effective D.I.Y studio fashion shoot for some local magazine clients. As with all things in life, the key is to keep it simple.

Bicycle Film Festival N.Y.C

I had the chance to head over to NYC and shoot the opening of the prestigious International Bicycle Film Festival (BFF), a three days extravaganza in the name of anything on a set of wheels without an engine, i.e. bicycles. The growing global bicycle scene has much to thank Brendt Barbur, the founding director for being a harbinger to all this. The BFF will be in Tokyo on September 5-7, so if you are in town make sure you come over and check it out.

My personal goal is to spread the word for a healthy bike culture. For (the right) clients who needs top notch images from an insider photographer, my e-mail is :

To learn more about BFF, you click HERE

Thanx Austin for your generous hospitality. I owe you one!

The RxKxBx are going to collaborate with BFF Tokyo this year so if you have your helmet tightly strapped on and your upper lip stiffed, make sure you hook up with us and we'll show you "the other side" of Tokyo.

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