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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Original Street "Yankee" fashion on the streets of Tokyo. Don't ask me why it's called Yankee?! Some parts of this fashion style is pretty unique to Japan. Not only urban Japan but also the rural small cities and you might actually find a more dedicated and original style than these images above are all based on. Designer made tracksuits, lots and lots of Irezumi i.e. tattoos and an in general, in Japanese eye's anyways, the bad boy look. The totally original urban street cultures like Bozozuku and Deko-Tora (Decoration truck) falls in the same pocket. I love these cultural aspects of any society and to see it showing up more and more in an otherwise western focusing style trend this is cool and more original. Check the first issue of Tattoo ZERO for more. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trapped & Surrounded (but not captured)

Working on a small hang-up kinda thing. 

Some FB shots by random people of the day in Asakusa. Check my FB for more stuff

Social Maniac

New "Admin" FB thing. Just to see if it has any punch and will give back some of the same spirit and endless keen effort I have been delivered to the mainstream media since the beginning of days. If this prove to be a dud we simply press delete and go on with life. Easy come / Easy go, nothing is for free.

Check it out here :


6x6(x6) Negative Mayhem

Need to commit to a scanning session, pronto. These ones looks pretty spot-on. Have been shooting with Ilfords Delta 3200 ISO with a hand held medium format camera (Hasselblad 503xc), LED lit. Run out of this film last gig and had to push my last roll, a Kodak Tri-X 400 ASA 3 full stops. That is a rather big jump is film developing terms. Need to scan these to see those heavy grains and rough quality Im after for this projects. Stay tuned. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013