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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stone, lines and all shades of gray

Not first time in Scotland, but my first in Aberdeen. Couldn't resist to just wander the cobbled streets like a ghost and shoot buildings all day last Sunday. Small town, not much to see in terms of "things worth seeing". But, my books isn't written in the same lingua franca as most. What caught my attention immediately was the buildings and the streets intervening as a support structure below. Fantastic! The day turned from grey and wet to clear sky and back again in minutes. I liked the wet and overcast better since it gave the place a mood that was supposed to be. All shades of gray was on display in a bonanza of dullness and low-tone. People, the cars they drove, the clothes they wore, the skin they were enclosed in blended spectacularly fine with the surrounding architecture. It all fit inn here, I've never been to a city where all possible medium was on the same wavelength of grey like here and cooperated within it's boundaries like nothing else was ever possible. In one backstreet I found a closed down eatery that had had some colors applied once and see what happened to the place (see image below), survival of the fittest. One street corner in particular stood out (Lindsay Street Image below), I just laugh out loud…-"Wow…this is perfect…magnifique!". I spend a memorable long moment just sipping in the perfectness of the lines and mood of this completely empty intersection of gloom. Loved it, wish I had my Hasselblad with me.

Now in my damp basement room of the B&B I frequent, drinking cups of tea and listening to Pantera while uploading these images. Funny how things play out once in awhile, have learned to roll with the punches and just be where you are.


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

VH Rebels

New interesting projects on the way. Keep your eyes open for this Logo in the future. Some links related to what we are doing in Tokyo right now :

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