Stay Sharp

Thursday, August 31, 2006

SK8 till ya drop

Ever tried to stand on a skateboard. Well, you gonna break your head trying, but what did we say about giving up...? All respect to all my sk8 buddies out there, you make it a whole lot more fun to be alive. If you look at it a bit closer you will see that pretty much all and everything that could be called a "wake up call" or "eye opener" is connected in some way or another. You have the hard and brutal music which gives you peace after all, there are the exreme sports that in the end of the day makes you feel more alive than ever and then to get your body tattooed (not that one point spaghetti tribal you have around your arm!!) gives you the right to walk down any street with a straight back bone and deal with pretty much any shit you're being served on a daily basis. Being an atheist my self and not having much over to the worlds religions, I do respect the hard core beliver. That is if YOU feel its the right thing for YOU and that YOU yourself have made up this beliefs and live them to the fullest. This is my religion!


A huge photo project that started around 5 years ago and has since then benn taking of in a grand scale. The project is still running but I'm in the final phase of getting a good ending and then the hardest task, to get the shit published in a fat hard cover. Well, stoic man numero ono never gives up so you just have to wait a bit longer for this treat.

I have my self payed my duce to this deeply rooted culture since early age. The last project took place at Tattoo.Church ( and lasted for almost 3 years. You do not even reflect on the blood, sweat and (almost) tears cos every minute is a minute of pride and joy after you realized what it means to be the wearer of a body suit of grand caliber. Brother Carlos, takes two to tango and we fucking did it man!! Thanx

Tokyo Metal : Pulling Teeth

I have been working on this photo music project for a couple of years now and the aim is to publish a book about one of the hardest working metal bands out there, this is PULLING TEETH ( Other bands included in this project are SURVIVE (, ROBIN etc. So if you for some simple reason happens to check out a gig with a louder than hell band and suddenly there is a flash going off in the middle of the moshpit, a Canon lens snapping away amongs flying Japp kidds and screaming evildoers.....well, it's most likely not James Nachtwey, event if it looks like a war zone and the man probably would feel at home. All respect to him by the way!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

(....Shall we Dance?)

The end of the page for you, the beginning of MWCP's minor threat in blog hell for me. But hey, they don't call me The Ace for nuttin...(Araki, the fucked up Jap photographer says he's a genius, well, you're not alone buddy cos so am I... with a capital J...?)