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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Step

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Sag pa blog raknaren att det var manga "klickar" fran Sverige. Har inte varit i Sverige pa manga ar men det lilla jag sett fran foto-sverige ser alltid javligt bra ut. Skriv garna en komentar.



Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Alba Nuadh

On the road again, back in mid October.

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Sendai - Keeping Up The Spirit

Bozozoku Chilling

Metal teens thrashing

Saturday, September 05, 2009

MIKURA JIMA - a very special place

The true locals...

Who could have known? I saw this island from a ferry passing by while on another job a couple of years ago and knew that I had to come back here to see more for myself. Mikurajima belongs to Tokyo city but couldn't be further away. This little rock in the middle of the ocean has on the western side a less steep wall of rock and is the only place you can access it. On all other sides there is a 400 meter vertical wall dropping straight down into the rough seas below. I had a certain mental image of what I would encounter but everything from the totally fearless dolphins to the thick rainforest like vegetation covering all made me realize this is an untouched jewel amongst the islands in the pacific just west of mainland Japan. Being a hard to reach protected national park with few locals up to this date has made flora and fauna flourish in a way we seldom see in this place of the world. It took me a days of waiting due to a passing by typhoon and half of the time I spent on the island was either in heavy fog, rain or storm winds...or all together. But I managed to shoot the native wild dolphins, climb over landslide damaged roads to reach the closed areas of this green and blue wind beaten oasis.
The small powerful Canon G9 in an underwater housing worked (use what you have, right) but recycling time was compared to the speed the dolphins swam by just too slow most of times. Totally fearless they torpedoed right by from all directions leaving me a feeling of just being a slow and clumsy human. For land photography I mounted 2 5D's with a 16-35mm and 24-70mm respectively and was shooting with this on all the time, wouldn't want to risk to get any of that salt filled air inside the housing. I have been abused my 2 5D's in the worst environments now for many years now and it always surprise me that they just keep on going. This story will be in one of Japans major airline magazines next year so please stay tuned.

OGRE in Sendai

I went on a roadtrip up to Sendai for a gig with OGRE JAPAN. Almost 6 hours on the highway, grilled beef tongue for dinner and a 40 min set with a bunch of other Death Metal / Grind Metal bands. Back home in Tokyo around 6 am the following day and pretty much done. For you who has followed this blog know that live show music photography is close to me. Feels great to be able to put music into images and I hope you can see the tunes and atmosphere the way I do.

I have been working on a new promotion video with an engineer and this project will soon come to an end, stay tuned.