Stay Sharp

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Tantawan Field

Once again I had the supreme pleasure of workign in an environment I really feel at home in, the sea. This time I spent a week onboard  DSV Mermaid Commander (Dive Support Vessel) in the Tantawan oil field in the middle of Gulf Of Thailand. With about 100 men from all kinds of nationalities onboard, were of 12 were saturation divers spending up to 1 month underwater and in pressure chambers onboard.

Life out there goes on 24/7/365. Ships, boats, rigs and platforms, all very much high tech but always wrapped in an old school custom and tradition, the maritime tradition. You would be surprised of how much activity is going on constantly out here, the men and women working in this field are all here for a reason, it is a place that catches your attention in a strong way and it's hard not to feel the power of solitude and vastness mixed with nature and technology. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open View

Had the chance to head out on the ocean for a couple of days last week. It's here on the open timeless big blue the real contrasts make sense and the elements just simply do their thing. Spent my first 10 years (my life started at 17) at sea in the merchant marine and I take every chance I get to be out here again.