Stay Sharp

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Monochrome Safari

Within the range of true black and real white is where great photography comes from originally. I haven't been shooting much in this medium in the last couple of years so when I reviewed my old stock of black&white prints I was glad to find some that I think still pass the test of time. The whole perspective of your environment changes when you shoot black & white. With a roll of color film in the camera the eyes on pure reflex seek out the composition and balance between rich and less contrasty color tones. But with black&white it feels more like the wholeness of the composition and the balance between plus and minus gets a tighter grip on the images you see in the viewfinder. A more strict and direct direction which I like in photography and in other aspects in life in general. Keep it simple, clean and reachable.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Moments from A Homeport

How do you describe a continent, something so abstract like Asia in a couple of images? And how do you describe something that is your home and part of yourself? How do you describe something that makes so much sense to you that there never been any need for an explanation. The colors, sounds, smells and moods? You can't do much more but to scratch the surface, you can give a small taste of it through what you have seen and focused on through the lens even if it would make sense to no-one but yourself. I was 18 years old the first time I ever set my foot in Asia and I realized at that same moment the doors to the real world outside the airport opened to a steaming hot day, that this was where I belonged and that it was something that I could cope with . All the knots of worries from a life back in the gray world loosened up and even if total chaos ruled it was something I could understand even though have being brought up in a completely opposite environment in Northen Europe. Now when I look back on all those journies I have done through all of Asia since then I have almost only great memories to look back on and take out when the day gets dull. Even the really bad ones have turned into something good and I have thanks to them been able to shape a new life and have a better understanding of things, it all got me more aware and responsible in a way. I love to see the photos of Steve McCurry and read the lines of Paul Theuroux and am getting my inspiration and power in knowing that there are people out there sharing the same love I do for life, the life you have chosen by following some simple routes of understanding of people and places. These images were all taken with varoius 35mm SLR cameras (Minoltas & Canons) that I have used during the years and its in these cameras my true love for photography lays. Images from a ferry journey in Myanmar, early morning and the light made the image dreamlight, the bored face on a train in the Gobi desert, bees filling the sky in central China and so on. To fill a word like Asia you need more, you need time traveling though it and experience it all on your own. Travel through it with open eyes and a clear mind, travel through it with the knowledge that it is here the colors, the smells, the sounds and moods of the day come to play a huge role each, one that matters, even for just one day at a time. I'm home.