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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Got one more boat for ya…yoroshiku

I like this one. Looks like the welder in charge of this one just was thinking of something else that day the bow was done, something else than welding a balanced and straight, wave cutting stream lined fighting vessel. Maybe thats why its not in service and mainly curious local tourists come down on the weekend to check it out, not more to do in these neck of the woods I've come to understand. This being the industrial Thailands polluted northern gulf coast. Big 911 on the bow, why not just name it the Titanic…going down...

Posh Viking

Google it!

teeny tiny little ant

sick of my self from time to time...

The Deck

Environments built to last, built for strength and stoic endurance. Offshore supply vessels are very hard core. I like 'em and have from time to time the chance to work on them. Dirty hard work makes you appreciate the life you live and all obvious comforts it brings with it. Dirty and hard manual work keeps you on the edge. Man made objects and tools to get the work done in an environment far from made for man.

Father and son

A snap of the guys in the yard today, heavy rain all night, still in the air.This is Father (right) and the only one left out of 4 siblings. He has outgrown his dad by far, still a shy and scared little puppy inside though. There is a second generation fattening up in a safe place, 2 black little things soon ready to face the yard and all the unwritten rules within it. Pretty rough and mean place to be a dog right here, its an "eat or be eaten" deal. I am the alpha male in the pack since I am holding the power to provide food on a daily basis. These guys are really tired of liver flavored dog food but it keeps the fur on their backs and the worst of the hunger away.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"A perfect image should be like the way a David Gilmour guitar solo sounds"

Monday, March 14, 2011

Greener on the other side...?

These are NOT mwcp photograpy...just 5 moments (of many) I like to have been present at, situations I can imagine being pretty cool to have experienced first hand.

Jonas Thormar in the antarctic 

Imagine being there, at that exact spot and moment. What would you have done, how would your eyes see it?

                               Elliot Erwitt in the US.

                                Steve McCurry in Kashmir

Sebastiao Salgado in the Brazilian jungle

Ian Mackeye and Henry Rollins (unknown photographer...Glen E. Friedman?). I have been covering Tokyo's undergrould music scene for many years. The metal/hc/punk scene especially, to have been around with a camera in Washington in the 80's when Minor Threat, Bad Brains etc was making history, that would have been mighty cool. 

I know I am not the only one that gets excited seeing great photography moment. Would be interesting to hear what my fellow photographers sees as their inspiration.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Below is a link to the blog post I would represent my photography (if someone asked me today!). As with all, how you view even your own work differs depending on mood, lifestyle, experiences and where you are in the world. Stuff happens all the time and if you lived in a box nothing would change perhaps, I never have or will live in a box so I accept changes and roll with the punches pretty well by now. I feel a great comfort that I once were at these places shooting these moments. There have been for the last couple of years and continues to be a mind blowing roller coaster of various moods to get todays images. Techniques, gadgets and tools can't really change anything fundamental, the eye may grow old and tired, blurred out but the vision stays the same. Is it a way of evolving or just being lazy, developing or being lost? I don't really mind too much whatever it might be, because I know from seeing these old images that what once was still is.

Check it out HERE!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dust in the wind (that Kansas song…)

Some digital monochrome left over files. If shot with film these would be sitting in a hardcover folder in my bookshelf, seen by nil. As long as there is electricity of some sort these can be viewed by anyone with a computer…anywhere on the planet. Whatever, all is relative. Purpose is futile, time is now.

Monday, March 07, 2011


Images from hotels I stayed in the last couple of days. Just another place to rest your tired body, still, to find a room with nice light is always a boost. I wish I had an image from all the beds I ever slept in. So unproductive and uncreative thing to do, sleep that is…waste of time kind of…though I love it when the texture, mood, temperature and light is good. For me the best time of the day is going to bed, but then I can't wait to get up in the morning to do "stuff". I can't really remember the "best" room/bed but I can remember the worst. The Philippines, a hotel in the northern town of Quezon by the name of Diamond Inn . It was FILTHY to the max, almost to a comical level. The shared loo was filled to the brim with frozen turds, looked like someone had flogged a horse and skinned it on the almost "alive" bed. It was so fucking cold outside and some stupid public holiday so all LP jewels were taken. A room/bed memory nevertheless
Well, one of the best bed might have been at a dormitory at the legendary Astor House Hotel in Shanghai after travelled there overland with my best friend via Siberia from Finland as an eager teenage backpacker. Freezing cold huge room in the attic shared with other people from all over the place. Thick dune covers and real oldschool mattresses proved to be the highlight from Shanghai that time. This was -92 and things were different in China then. Einstein stayed there once. 

As you can see from these images, things are not that shoestring anymore when it comes to lodging for me. Well, I have paid my dues of flea bitten dorm rooms and train station floors and do really enjoy being solo and away from other people while sleeping nowadays. Can I get a clean bed, a quiet room with a window I am all for it.