Stay Sharp

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hard Core Chopper magazine

I had the honor to shoot tattooist Han for the last issue of HardCore Chopper bike magazine. Turned out pretty cool, easy to shoot and get what you want when you know the subject and the environment as well (most of times anyways).

For you sk8ers out there who grew up during the 80s trash metal scene. It's back...New School Trash Metal is on the way back to all of us. The old school sound of Metallica, Slayer, DRI etc is coming back (never did die if you ask me), but even faster and more furious in a new packing. How cool isn't that?? Check out SSS and DEADFALL!

Monday, January 28, 2008


All photos by core rider Motoyan

The monthly late Tokyo cycle ride SPEEED NIGHT took off for the 3rd time last Saturday. Was frozen siberian winds in the sky but that didn't stop a 20 man strong gang of Ronins (A masterless Samurai) to head out in the night. This time we went from home base, The Ghetto to Odaiba and back. About 10 uf us made it over the backbreaking, truck roaring and cycle illegal Rainbow Bridge. Not many cyclist have ventured up and over this landmark of Tokyo, the biggest city on earth. The route took us about 3 hours to finnish and well back at home base, The Ghettos owner Ako waited with hot coffee (for me) and cold beers (for all the rest).



Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bike Film Festival 2007 -TOKYO-

The 2007 International Bike Film Festival, a 3 day movie/bike feast presented by Brendt Barbur and friends was a perfect way to end the year for bicycle geeks like myself. I was there shooting for Shake Magazine and met a whole bunch of great people during the festa. The day after the BFF I was off to Thailand (see post below) so this post is a month and a half too late (better late than never, right!?).

The BFF 2008 will be a welcomed round up of this years bicycle happenings. To Brendt and all the other people making this festival for all of us out there, you're that heroes that makes a different, keep up the great work!

RxKxBx / MWCP salute you!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

2 Weeks With The Beasts...

Spent 2 weeks up North in the Thai mountains chasing whats left of the vanishing Elephant culture in it's true environment. When the logging industry died in the -80's in Thailand, most of the working elephants got the sack as well. Most found a way in to the growing tourism industry and government run conservation camps. These ones I manage to find during my 2 weeks on a motorcycle in the mountains and forests in the North Eastern corner of the country still had some roots attached to the old ways. I wanted to get close to the animals and handlers which was a thrill many times. These elepahants are huge and you could feel the power and bond between human and animal, a great thing to have the cahnce to see and shoot for me. Also a nice way to break of the mood and style you develop shooting most times during the year, in the urban jungle. I converted these images into B/W after originally shooting in color digital. I could see that the B/W images gave more power and simplicity to the subjects (nothing new!) and just to keep the tradition alive. Haven't been shooting 35mm B/W (or slide) for almost a year and it's a medium I miss but I will not bring with me all the extra gear it takes to shoot both film and digital. We just have to use what we have at hand and do the best of the whole situation. And with new gear being produced each season there is no need to worry too much. Just take a look at the new Canon EOS-1 Ds Mark III and you know what I am talking about.