Stay Sharp

Friday, August 31, 2007

Copper Bike

The F.T.Police have funny bikes. Kinda like the ones you constantly crush your knees on the handlebars when riding. But they have a stick holder (for punishment) up front and a metal box (for lunch box) on the back. All in white, the color of DEATH....

The copper has this weird manner of always showing up and asking questions when you are shooting on the street, not much for them to do here on the streets of Tokyo other than plain harassment I guess. A "police", what I lazy and selfish way of conducting a life, living of the society welfare like some kind of immune parasite, pretending to be doing a good cause when you look through your fingers on the real crime, the corporate and political kinds. Shame on you, grow up, you're nothing more than an incompetent man in blue clothes to me.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gallery Ghetto

N.F.K (No Future Krew) Motoyan, RxKxBx (Road Kill Bikers) Mattias Westfalk & Ghetto "Big Boss" Ako held a superb photo/instalation exhibition earlier this month. Better late than never that the news hit the blog.

Wish I could say -"Check it out...."

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Art Of Rebellion (S.T Forever)

1981 was the year Venice and the rest of the world got Skate Punk. Suicidal Tendencies is now a household name among true music rebels around the globe. Of the bands still around from that time, S.T has been one of the few I have keept close since I first heard them, back in time when the album covers were big and decorative. To have met the innovator of eyeopening F.T.S music with a groove was a true honor, and to work with the Mike Muir and Mike Clark team was a positive phase in my professional freelance life that I will forever treasure.


Special thanx to Sushi Tanaka A.K.A =S.T=

Ueno Zoological Concentration Camp

This most be as close to hell a polar bear can come. 36 degrees Celsius in the shade on a hot slab of concrete infront of the human hordes. A bleak environment for both chained animals and probably a handful of people who might actually have seen compassion and understanding in it's true color. These in their free state animals with their proud colors of uniqueness have here been slowly washed dry to a mere lifeless heap of feathers, skin and fur. But for only ¥600 it's all yours for a day, cos don't we all just love to see them slowly die...enjoy...goes good with soft cream (¥400)!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shake Magzine

New issue of Shake Magazine just came out. m.w.c.p handled the fashion pages this time.


Burn In Hell

To you people who disrespect me through my friends, this message should be pretty clear.....

---Every action has a reaction---

Monday, August 06, 2007

A Sunday In August

I know the remedy for my since childhood quite disturbing Sunday Blues. That is to find something that keeps your mind so occupied that Sunday just quickly pays its duce without mercy so Monday can start without a trace of those haunting school going days, man did I hate most days before 18 years of age. What kept me occupied this Sunday was a medley of photogenic situations with people doing this and that, like.....

People Posing

People Fighting

People Socializing

Seemed like I was not the only one suffering from Sunday Blues this day. It's just a level of how far you want to go to really kill it off, the limit is as you can see on various levels amongst our fellow earthlings... Always fun to see what other people actually do when they say they are having a good time, well...what can I say?....pretty lame!

The camera, both a "shield" and a "liberator"