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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Check this out! How often do you get to see/experience first hand something like this? For you who checked out my blog in the past knows that I am on leave from my 8 years Freelance Pro-Photo shooting spree behind for awhile due to other strings pulling…etc. This is one of them, 2 years since Nova Scotia training and the fruit of that is going to the harvest. No Sleep till Hammersmith.

Compact Driller, see you around...

These installations out here on the open sea always remind me of something from outer space. Completely left to the harsh elements, satellite stations seemingly floating in sea and sky, out of reach from "earth". So many people working and living out here 24/7/365, and doing it in style. The reality and even more stunning facts is that these rigs, platforms etc are standing on the bottom of the sea, controlling the awesome powers of mother earth, tapping her of oil and gas. Many angles and aspects of what is right and wrong. Fuck it, I have sought out (again) one of the most challenging and out of reach lifestyles and workplace because it blows my mind away in a cool way and gives me a purpose and chance to lead an interesting lifestyle. About 30 years left in me, tops. Better hurry up and do what interests you, see and experience as much as your time before breakdown admits.