Stay Sharp

Monday, April 21, 2008

Black & Grey in Gifu

Rode in my first Low Rider today... with Harley Davidsson ( Careca 13 ) and his buddy, the Booster on max. Check this international blend out; Europe meets South America on the Japanese countryside in a Low Rider....

You come a long way man! Stay hungry/Hold Fast!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BIKE LOVE Love Bikes

Check it out, ROOM 13 , a new RxKxBx anti hero.


Hand Held

Enjoyed a smooth and warm ride in down town parts of Tokyo today. The cold weather grip we got used to seems to finally have loosen up and a fine spring and summer is on the way. Can't wait to ride without all those clothes, double layer of socks and t-shirts.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Loyal To The Grave (Tokyo H.C)

Went over to shoot Tokyo's H.C band named Loyal To The Grave, a great band which I've just started to shoot. The gig took place at a really small venue with a whole bunch of jumping people. Got caught in a vicious moshpit-group-fall with camera gear and all, saved the camera but payed the price with broken glasses...part of the deal.

Loyal To The Grave

Check them out HERE


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boycott China 2008

Don't need an explanation for this one....

MWCP & RxKxBx are proud supporters of a free Tibet and a boycott of the 2008 Peking Olympic Games.

Stand up and do something. Act now and play games later, somewhere else.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Cool Dog...Big Balls...

Met this 2 year old muscle terrier (more or less just a big brown jaw with 4 legs) today, 36 kg, hard as a nut and tattooed. How cool isn't that?? One of the coolest dogs I have ever met, a true pal. I shot these snaps with my mobile phone, maybe not so cool but....

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Vol 6's Route Master Kimuchi will lead us to Tamagawa for a 1/2 year anniversary BBQ festa before returning back to base, i.e The Ghetto. Anyone who are into the 3 X's will enjoy a fast and furious night with us in RxKxBx.

XXX No Rules XXX

Monday, April 07, 2008

RxKxBx & The Black Dahlia

Got me a SURLY Steamroller frame, 59cm while in S.F. Hard to find big frames here in Tokyo. Paint demon Goto spent a couple of hours on it and we got us a brand new matte Black Dahlia to trash on in the fast lane.

The Black Dahlia

Looked like this once

Speeed Freak numero uno

I hooked up with a messenger friend from RxKxBx in Hibiya, the heart of Tokyo and spent a couple of hours riding with him until I could take no more. Man, this guys is fast and has stamina like a marathon runner. I know I am not a slow rider but to keep doing it for so many hours everyday in the Tokyo traffic takes a lots guts and NBD attitude. My respect remains brother!

-M- is now

My site has now become a site. Same stuff, just a new name (don't ask me why!)

Check it HERE


Friday, April 04, 2008


Landed back home in Japan jetlagged and in a dire need of vitamins and fibers. The diet put you on hold while in the states and with a deep sugar rush or oil coma after most meals the Japanese diet was a fresh change back to the better. I travelled up the coast from San Francisco to Seattle (and back again) by car with writer Tony McNicol on a job for Wingspan, ANA's in-flight magazine. Feel pretty secure that I got more cool images than will ever be published (as usual) and here are some samples of the snap shots I took on the side from shooting the main story. We had sun, wind, rain, fog and everything in between during the 2 weeks we were over, and drove more than 2500 miles (+4000 km) mainly on smaller coastal highways. Except the cop who gave me ticket for speeding and the bigger-than-life bike messenger (MASH crew) I met in S.F, we only met fine good 'ol people and had a truly memorable experience in the States this time.