Stay Sharp

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Blading in Berlin

In the time span of a couple of weeks I ended up shooting a couple of rolls, 4 to be exact, of mixed outdated 120 film (with the 503cx Hasselblad 2.8/f 80mm). The result was a very mixed bag of dicks to be honest. Since I don't develop my own film here in Berlin and I do not have a film scanner either, it was all up to the local "developer" up the street to get it done in a proper way. The combination of heavily outdated 120 film pushed 2-stops and whatever way he uses to develop/scan gave me some rather interesting results. I have had this camera now for quite some time and know how the lightmeter in the viewfinder reads certain lights in certain angles, I trust my ability to get it somewhat in the mood and style that I can say is 'mine'.  I never push or pull my film so that was a first and what I got was unexpected. In some frames you can see traces of the developing chemical, on some (but not all so I take it was a developing error somewhere down the line) you can see parallel and vertical drag marks and lines, see the Alexander Platz TV tower image and you see what I mean. I have to admit that Lightroom saved what could be salvaged in some images I display here below, mainly by just simply adding contrast. Never mind, a part of me like and can see the organic stamp these images brings out, one part of me couldn't care less as the reluctantly lazy Less-Than-Careful photographer in me sees this as another stance on the everlasting mantra - an image is an image is an image.

And a couple of happy digital Selfies