Stay Sharp

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Chest 99, Arm 63

To be Solid, to stick to the plan
Then I will be ready, to take your head off
Expectancy of life, a life time
Nil satisfaction presented to the thinker

                                                           "Anonymous", 1972

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Castle

Hiked the Okutama to Owa trail via Mt Kumotori the other day. About 35km in all and reached the top of Kumotori (the highest peak of Tokyo at 2018m.a.s.l) after a grueling 6 hour hike more or less straight up through the at first dense pine forest, then at higher altitude in the more gentle and breezy maple, birch forest. Brought my tarp and sleeping bag and planned to stay out in the elements as usual but a drop in temperature (+3 degree) and a wet mist made me give in and I took shelter in a superb "emergency hut" on the peak. Shared a quiet and dry night alone (except for a large bat and a couple of busy mice). Woke up early with Kafka the following day and the sky had cleared with a stunning view of the surrounding forest clad mountains and sky. The highest peak of Japan clearly stood out on the horizon. Walked down through a beautiful autumn forest, saw lots of signs of wild boar and deer and met very few people which is rare in Japan. Solitude is the king and enables you to open up all your senses.
Took me another 6 hours on steep trails down to the 2000 year old Mitsumine Temple (which I couldn't be bother checking out this time, too many humans around) and then another hour on switchback down to the tiny village of Owa where public transport whisked me back "home" with sore muscles and aching joints. Good stuff!