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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conspiracy Inc.

The worlds most famous Uncle Allan is in town for a guest work stint at INK RAT tattoo parlor here in Tokyo ( I had an appointment for a piece on myself on Sunday (still some bare skin to work on, not much but still...) and on Monday, we got the interview on tape and a photography session on files for a coming issue of TattooBurst magazine. I always like to meet cool people and to have an opportunity to work with these kinds makes everyday so much better and interesting.

Check Uncle Allans web at - and

Uncle Allan will as well as many other cool people be attending the tattoo convention (Iron&Ink) held in June 8-10 onboard Queen Mary in Long Beach C.A. I will cover the event for various magazines so if you're there and wanna get your face in a tattoo mag or bike mag, this is the chance I guess. Petit gals with glasses are all-time favorites...

Friday, March 23, 2007

SlipKnot #0

So cool sometimes to have this job as a freelance photographer, especially here in Tokyo. You get to meet lots of cool people from time to time. You get to meet lots of not so cool people as well but hey, at least you are out there doing something that you by your self have chosen to do, shit, you even get paid to do it....most of the time anyway (up Market luxury car magazine LUX G ( bailed out on the payment for a 6 page fashion shot I did for them). Sneaky bastards these so called trend setters with their back stabbing everyday lifestyle! Thay know they are the loosers in the long run and that the "easy come , easy go" shit will come back to themselves in the end.

Anyways, here was a shoot I did just the other night of Sid A.K.A SlipKnot #0 when he came to town for a DJ sessio at club WOMB in Shibuya. He got some nice ink done from all over the place. Paul Booth, Filip Lou to name a few. Cool guy for sure.
Check July issue, VOL 38 of TATTOO BURST for this report.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Shad a.k.a Hori Tsuki Kage

Shad from Belgium ( visiting Japan again and I had the pleasure to hook up with the man and shoot him working on another masterpiece, in this case a massive backpiece. I have known Shad for a couple of years now and got introduced to him by Carlos from TattooChurch here in Tokyo. All respect to both of these two great tattooists. The world of tattoos and tattooing has opened many new doors both for m.w.c.pand myself and has given the meaning of pure existence a true meaning. PMA all the way if you ask me, this is for life so you better be true to yourself and just have one thing in mind, that is to, Live To You Die.

It's by Carlos at TattooChurch I have got most of my suit done, but today we all switched places and I had the honor to get to know the sting of Shads hightuned two coiler better as I handed over my 5D (with an 17-35mm 2,8) to brother Carlos to record the event.

---Nothing Else Matters---

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Out Of Step (With The World)

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I hate to preach but whadafuck is going on here. The Kyoto Protocol went down the drain so Uncle Sam and his hitmen would have the oil monopoly a few more years is a fact most of us just have to live with till another more sane government take over and face the reality over there. But then as a bonus "Fuck You" to humanity we still have an industrialized commercial whaling industry feeding non except a small core of selfminded business people, making a huge profit of the worlds wild life. That the Japanese minions are easily fooled and blind folded isn't a surprise to anyone, (not an excuse). But that a freethinking advanced nation like Denmark even have the slightest idea to even think of supporting this slaughter of the few remaining whales in the word is more that bizarre. From an idea from GreenPeace, this came up:

MARCH 6, 12 NOON , DANISH EMBASSIES AROUND THE WORLD WILL RECEIVE A GIFT OF "CANNED WHALE MEAT". This is a small eyeopener for people with no insight of this alarming global problem. So I personally solemnly salute you, the Danish government with a magnificent, loud and clear FUCK YOU TOO in the name of common sense.

For more info, go to :

Here is my contribution, a small voice that can and will make a difference. Do Or Die !

Symbolon turns Syndrome

Freelance designer and illustrator Symbolon ( just started a 2 week exhibition in brand new Calm&Punk Gallery in central Tokyo yesterday. I was asked to record the event on film ( and being a good friend of the artist it was a pleasure to do this. And what a pleasure to work with the 5D, almost like a film camera...almost!