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Thursday, May 31, 2007

NxYxHxC V.S m.w.c.p A.K.A Furious M

Unbelivable. MadBall, Aggresive Dogs, Murphy's Law, H2O, Sick Of It All etc (!!) all in town at the same time doing gigs in some very cool places. In the heart of the biggest Love Hotel area in Tokyo is the famous night club "Club Asia", and it was here that some of the most old schoolish of New York Hard Core bands played last Wednesday. I was shooting for Japans leading tattoo magazine all day & night and got to meet some of the coolest people around. The day after this mega N.Y.H.C meltdown, headliners Sick Of It All took over ACB Hall and m.w.c.p was there as well.

Quote of the day (by MadBall's Freddy Cricien):
-"It's your life, and you do what ever the fuck you wanna do with it....!"

A pretty simple and reasonable message don't you think, but if you look around you, so hard to understand for most. Why is that?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tokyo The Drama Queen i.e. Keep On Rockin'

Imagen Tokyo as a theatrical work, a stage where the role players are all of us, this motley crew of individuals. Then to add some spice to this big spectacle, the drama in the second meaning this noun represents, we freeze a moment of everything with this great tool we call the camera. Never ending theatrics in this 24-7 gritty urban drama where Tokyo is the grand 'ol lady of it all, the Drama Queen. The city has it's ups and it's downs for sure, mainly ups in my eyes though, here are some examples of Knives Mc, UNITED trashers etc from a couple of Shibuya evening sessions.

A big thanx goes out to my Brother from another mother, CBD...respect!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Izu Retreat

The peninsula of Izu has some of the best beaches and most amazing coastline being so close to Tokyo. A retreat for a city crazed mind in need of an open view from time to time. Like the Japanese surfers who sits on their boards 100 meter out from the beach waiting for those waves that never comes do I enjoy the simple in life and to quote Lemmy : "the chase is better then the catch".

I was shooting with Canons 50mm f1.8 (feather light) all weekend. I just love that thight composition a 50mm force you do adopt to. Instead of just zooming in/out, you have to move around more to get that right distance and angle. Even with a digital body you can kinda get that "real" photography feeling you get with a film camera using this kind of lenses.

The Ghetto Fashion Corner

CORNER fashion brand / apparel shop was victims for m.w.c.p the otherday and this is what we got. Tight space, mosquitos and 2x400W COMET strobes proved to be a nice combination. Have to evolve on this side of "studio" photography. Heard they pay well, those thick flashy fashion magazines...and who says what fashion really is. I think if you start with a thunder rolling "fuck it all" then you are on a good way to become someone who people wanna hire for fat bucks. So I feel already in!!!

Thanx to the CORNER boyz (


Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pick-Up Truck Speed Shooting

For me a complete new experience to ride in the open in the back of an beat up pick-up truck at full speed through the neon lit avenues of Tokyo at night with a bunch of crazed Kamikaze riders from NFK all around you. This true underground Motorcycle crew deservs to have & rule over the streets of Tokyo to express what it's all about. Cool people all around and a great chance to get some serious bike shots. We started out with +10 man strong group and broke maybe every traffic rule you can imagine on the way but only 4 remained with us to shoot (5D with a 24-70 f2.8) when we reached the destination at the "Live House" where TEXAS & CHAINSAW was playing. All in all, a great way to spend a Saturday night. Tokyo rules!

A big thanks goes out to Motoyan & NFK and Ako @ The Ghetto as well as the TEXAS&CHAINSAW krew.