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Thursday, June 25, 2009

---On the road again---

Heading out on the road again, won't be home between June 27 - July 6.

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By the way, just bought today the Steve McCurry's latest masterpiece. For you who already know about him have seen some of the images in his new book before. But there are enough new stuff too keep your jaw dropped while/and rushing to the nearest travel agent to hit the less beaten path on a shoestring once again. That is how I feel every time I see his photographs. He is for me the most inspiring photographers living today. You either do it or you don't in my world view, McCurry is doing it...

Steve McCurry - The unguarded Moment

Photos from his new book

Greenpeace Japan

Since I have always supported the ideas behind organizations like Greeanpeace and Amnesty international etc. I was happy to be asked by Greenpeace Japan to shoot a small event they held last week here in Tokyo. Met Greenpeace Japan executive director Hosjiwaka Jun as well as action campaigner Suzuki Toru, well known for his actions against illegal international whale hunting. Last year he brought out into the light the by law protected criminal profiteers who are still operation under the shady protection of "science"! A nice eye opener for the world but sadly a case still in limbo.

Artist Sunplaza Nakano was there supporting the cause.

Noguchi Ken - Alpinist

I had the pleasure to shoot Japans most well known alpinist yesterday. Not a lot of time (about 15min) to get as many interesting angles as possible. But I am pretty sure that the magazine that assigned this shoot will have what they need. Noguchi was interview by my long time travel assignment journalist friend Tony McNikol. Last time we worked together was for ANA's inflight magazine Wingspan, where we traveled the North American west coast shooting lighthouses.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jim Phillips & and the worlds most famous left hand.

Jim Phillips and Santa Cruz Skateboards is a winning concept. Had the chance to visit Mr.Phillips in his workshop, nice guy.

Went down to Santa Cruz S.B's HQ as well.

Skull & Sword

Another assignment. A true privilege to meet the people of Skull and Sword tattoo studio in San Francisco. These artists are the tip of the sword (of Jihad). Thanks Grime for taking your time and thanks Yutaro and Clay for open up the door for me. The article should be out in the stands shortly.

The road

Wish we travelled in this one instead of the more modest Ford rental.

California / Nevada. Part 4 in a series of American on/off the beaten track photography.

I just couldn't pick the stronger of these two. Any suggestions?!