Stay Sharp

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SPEEED NIGHT Vol.8 14/6 @ 21:00~

At The Ghetto, we leave at 9pm so don't be late. Bring fireworks and plenty of lights on your bike!!

"Hit The Lights"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fast...Lika A Shark...

Here is another link for you bloodthirsty freaks : No Future Japan

This was last night here in Tokyo / RxKxBx Sharks

At The Gates (Scroll down a bit...)

At The Gates put up a link to on their webpage about me and my photogarphy due to the last show they did in Japan where I was invited to shoot. Suddenly I had close to 900 viewers on my blog. Thanx to all At The Gates members and hope to see you soon again. Check a bit down on this page and you will find the ATG images. Swedish Death Metal Rules!!!

Check ATG out HERE

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clothes and stuff...

The above images got published, below is a shot from a test shooting. I was playing with the idea of using mirrors and cable releaser to get the models back and front in the same shot. Well, this is something I will work till it's worth publishing. A whole new perspective on what hasn't been done and what shouldn't be done. Better try, you never know!

Mixpression 9

TKBMA (Tokyo Bike Messenger Association) organized Mixpression9 as a bold move to convince Tokyo that the local bike scene here is ready for next years "Cycle Messenger World Championships" a.k.a CMWC. Even though the weather was rather wet and cold, a whole bunch of people supporting the event showed up and raced, skidded, sprinted in a really uplifting mood. Check next issue of SHAKE magazine for a full report.


Norwegian Black Metal - Mayhem

Original Norwegian Black metal in forms of Mayhem. After the last tune the pigs trotters were tossed out in the audience by Attila Csihar, I saw people posing for snap shots with the trotters after the show. I don't know what happened to the "earth" beach ball after it was stabbed (punctured) and also given to the Japanese kids as a reminder of darker time to come.

At The Gates

Live at Studio Coast May 11, Tokyo/Japan

I remember seeing At The Gates when I was 17 or 18 or something like that. I went to the small venue by myself (ofcourse...), dressed up in my leather jacket and my long hair covering my pimpled face. To see them again after so many years as a professional photographer (still alone ofcourse..) and have the chance to actually hook up with the band was for me a great thing. Man, they kicked ass on stage and delivered the true Gothenburg sound to a hall packed with a frantic crowd of mainly younger Japanese kids. Thanks Anders for the press pass and thanks Tomas, Martin, Jonas and Adrian for the once in a lifetime chance to see you guys ripping it up. Felt like 17 years old again.

Monday, May 05, 2008

SPEEED NIGHT Vol.7 -The Fast As A Shark Ride-

Vol.7 is coming up. May 17 @ The Ghetto, 21:00~

Black&Greeen, your time has come!!

Another good news for all of us, I had the honor to meet Toranosuke in person today and he gave us permission to use one of his lettering designs for our future RxKxBx riding wear.

Arigato Tora (To-Ra To-Ra To-Ra)