Stay Sharp

Thursday, August 31, 2006


A huge photo project that started around 5 years ago and has since then benn taking of in a grand scale. The project is still running but I'm in the final phase of getting a good ending and then the hardest task, to get the shit published in a fat hard cover. Well, stoic man numero ono never gives up so you just have to wait a bit longer for this treat.

I have my self payed my duce to this deeply rooted culture since early age. The last project took place at Tattoo.Church ( and lasted for almost 3 years. You do not even reflect on the blood, sweat and (almost) tears cos every minute is a minute of pride and joy after you realized what it means to be the wearer of a body suit of grand caliber. Brother Carlos, takes two to tango and we fucking did it man!! Thanx

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