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Friday, September 01, 2006

Xining on a shoesstring

Once again, had the pleasure to work with writer and journalist Tony McNicol ( on a job in China in the end of July to beginning of August. We were assigned by ANA (All Nippon Airways) to do a story about train travels in China and we decided that we would go from one extreme to another, from new and modern to old and traditional, from East to West. So the trip started in Shanghai and ended in Chinas "Wild West", in the city of Urumqi. This mega article will be out in ANA's (All Nippon Airways) inflight magazine later this year or the early 2007. It took us 18 days to cover the areas we needed for the article and I got stuff on film that will blow you away. Pure dynamite! On one stretch of the journey we visited the bee farming region around Quinghai lake. Bet you didn't know that most of the world honey and Royal Gel comes from China, and that the bees that produces all this are of Italian breed!. Tony McNicol and I have worked as a team for ANA on articles about the Japanese Kabuki, The Island of Hachijojimas drum culture and the Japanese Plastic model industry before we did this one in China. We have also done some collaborations together for the Japanes magazine JAPAN JOURNAL. You will see more of us in the future, covering interesting topics around the world, so keep your eyes open

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