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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Japanese Tattoo

In the hand of an experienced and skillfull tattooist, a hand poked needle or tebori will prove to be the best and most accurate way to represent the true design of this old deeprooted tradition.

The Japanese art of ire-zumi (lit, "insertion of ink") or more classically hori-mono, meaning a thing "carved", "sculpted" or "engraved" is something that comes into mind for most when tattoo and tattooing is mentioned. These images are one part of an up comming book on the subject. With the support from tattooists from around the world this project will show the real/true meaning behind the lifestyles so many of us share but so few know anything about.

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Blingbling said...

Oh, fy f-n. Itai liksom. SMÄRTA!