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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Last Breath, a Love Hotel Signs Out

This old hotel is now a Subculture melting pot for people with a slight different vision than most. Well, thats another story (Check "The Ghetto") . This is what it looked like just minutes before the whole place got transformed into what it is today. Very photogenic and you could feel the spirit of all the lovesick couples coming here over the years for some quick thrills between busy schedules. You don't see these kinds of color combinations of the interior anymore, and the hairy wallpaper must have looked funky when it was new. When the guys were lifting out one of the saggy doubble beds they found a wad (won't tell you how much!) of cash stacked away under it, wounder what's the story behind that one? More of these images are gonna be on display at The Ghetto in a near future.

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