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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Linchpin Literatura III

Lu Yuanmin's photo book "Shanghainese 1990-2000 from Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House. This book is shot entirely in B/W and all with a 35mm lens gives you a great "eye" for what true street photography is all 'bout.

Citation from his book : The 35mm camera lens records the exact breath and depth as the human eye sees. Like the longshot in the movies, this lens records the wholeness of the space, trying hard to present the true nature of the abjects before it; trying hard to prevent obscuring distance from the observed subjects. This is a simple charm.

Ben Simmons "Tokyo Desire" from Shogakukan Publishing is the rolemodel softcover for all you lost sould searching for the "Rule of Third". The pages are all in pairs made up of two matching parts treating complementary or contrasting pictorial phase (diptych). All you have to do if you have the added plus of living in a city like Tokyo is to just "look", it's all around you. Mr.Simmons knows where to look if you ask me.

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