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Friday, September 08, 2006

On The Road Again...(Vol2)

Back from Nagoya where I (Day 1) hooked up with the professional krew from Eccentric Super Tattoo ( where I bumped into Rob Admiraal from Holland) to make an article for U.Ks SkinDeep Tattoo Magazine. HardCore Chopper Magazine with Cambada (Day2), an article about tattooist/biker/painter Horigyn from 8Ball Tattoo. Nice to be working with people of this high standard on all levels, thanx for all your support and hope to see you all soon again. A big THANX also to Mr. Horisho and Ogi for their generous hospitality. So look out for the coming issues of these mags in a near future. Team I LOVE TATTOO COMPANY is coming back soon with top world news, to early to "spill the beans" at this moment but the next one is gonna be something special.

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