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Saturday, November 25, 2006

On The Road Again...

I been to over 50 countries so far, but South Korea wasn't on that list so ofcourse I jump on the chance to go there with my friend and business associate C.B.D from Japan. We head out to find out more about this almost non existing tattoo scene and found it to be something extremely new and rare. Coming from a blue collar background my self, as the original tattoo scene most of us know does as well. This proved to be rather unknowned in S.K. Some of the more adventurous rich and famous kids were trying to play hardball and get tattooed, all in the spirit of MTV and an uprising pop trend. Ofcourse the whole idea of where it all comes from and what it stands for wasn't even considered. Give it a couple of years and we might have more than one good tattooist from this traditional and proud "lost" peninsula. Our "man" in Korea was Yushi from the well known Japanese Shiryu tattoo family and what he is doing in S.K has never been done before and he is THE pioneer in his field. Rise above bro!!

You will find this article about how the tattoo scene in S.Korea is evolving in an International publication near you early next year, enjoy.

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