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Monday, January 15, 2007


A dogs (me) paradise.

Back in town. While most of you were sitting in a sure nightmare at home (not bad) or with relatives (bad) and trying to convince your own ego that you had a good time with all that greasy christmas food and false hopes that 2007 will indeed be something else, we ( me, myself & I ) were reading Henry Miller, Robert M.Pirsig and other inspiring work, in a hammock with a warm sea breeze as the only distraction. Still in Thailand but a world away away from bomb blasts (5 in central Bangkok on New Years eve) and other annoying spectacles. Popped over to Vietnam as well to check out Saigon and the delta in Southern Vietnam. Great food and lots of scooters.

Work-wise, are going to change my workstyle/flow for 2007 a bit. Still aiming to keep my photography as simple as I possible can with clean, true and honest work in the center. But some expanding has to be done to broaden the mind and exposure of my work. Some new gear is scheduled to replace some out of date machinery and to cut the financial burden even more, digital photography will have to play a bigger role, for better or or die!

My secret Island in the Andaman Sea... fuck Waikikki and Bondi...!

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