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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Agnostic Front V.S Aggressive Dogs

Grand Fathers of New York Hard Core i.e AGNOSTIC FRONT versus the real Old timers of Japanese Hard Core i.e AGGRESSIVE DOGS. Man, was this a gig we all just had to go and see. I was as always jumping around with my gear in a tight grip both on stage and in the pit and I even managed to squeeze in a stage dive while a buddy held my camera. Had the day before made an interview/group shoot with the bands and they were all really cool people with no wierd attitudes what so ever,see, that's what I'm talking about. Hard Core people just don't have to play hard and be funny (funny!), it's all in the lifestyle and the lifestyle is real, as real as it comes. I Like to meet people from all walks of life but it's when you meet people like these guys that you can relax and let your guard down.

Technically, it was hard to find that flow in light settings between the on camera flash and the camera settings. I am used to shoot with 35mm slide film and you don't really have the same shit to struggle with on a film camera as you do on a digital. Just so much more light sensitive. Seems like all that crazy light at a gig just fucks some digital chip up and gives you often a very over exposed image. I was shooting the whole range of settings during the sets, M,P,Tv,Av, flash on auto and manual. Used a 22-70 f2.8 the whole evening and that lens is just great for this kind of work. And with the camera attached to a sidegrip you get that extra security in holding the stuff in the mosh pit and around the crowd. All in all, it worked out pretty nice in the end and from now on I have to use my 4GB cards instead of the usual 1GB, was running out of data space (man, what is this world coming to, can't belive I just wrote space..if you didn't know I was sXe you would think I was stoned or something?)

Always the Hard Way, the H.C way!

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