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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Izu Retreat

The peninsula of Izu has some of the best beaches and most amazing coastline being so close to Tokyo. A retreat for a city crazed mind in need of an open view from time to time. Like the Japanese surfers who sits on their boards 100 meter out from the beach waiting for those waves that never comes do I enjoy the simple in life and to quote Lemmy : "the chase is better then the catch".

I was shooting with Canons 50mm f1.8 (feather light) all weekend. I just love that thight composition a 50mm force you do adopt to. Instead of just zooming in/out, you have to move around more to get that right distance and angle. Even with a digital body you can kinda get that "real" photography feeling you get with a film camera using this kind of lenses.


Sabai C said...

Hi,Mattias! I also like Izu peninsula. But I never could take those photos like you. Yours are beautiful!! Especially, someone in bamboo, ??? who is that? Is that you? So, who took it?

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Hi Sabai san. The photo is of me and was taken by my beautiful wife with a small compact camera. She is great!!

C Ya