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Sunday, July 15, 2007

King Of The Road Says's You Move Too Slow....

Already the middle of July and the time just continues to slip away like sand between your fingers, away into the void. Summer always makes me feel kind of empty because so many things are suppose to be done and seen but then all you get is a nervous tick and headache. I don't consider me a person that gives up easily, but when the summer mood sets in it's hard not to just stay home and surf the You Tube all day with cup after cup of strong coffee. Maybe get lost in a couple of fat books, at the same time. Let's see, this summer doesn't have a lot of interesting projects but I will be busy anyway, shooting for money, pay that rent you know.

Another thing I have noticed lately is that, if you can "don't eat where you shit" (or was it the other way...). Living a 100% true life and your bussiness life will cross paths with your private life and to hold that balance in order takes alot of straight attitude. If you have chosen to lead the life you do there is a reason for this most times, right? It might be because you feel at home in that life and know where you are, where you stand. To get as a professional freelancephotographer really good work on film you need time with the subject you work with. So if you shoot stuff from the life you lead and people you live with you will find out that the "stuff" you get back is almost always of a really high quality, top work, real insider materials. But then this predicament pops up like Jack-in-the-fuckin box; you are making money out of your life style. Nothing wrong in this for sure, a dream for most. But when you have to chose between work/making a living and friendship the table is turned. I value friendship highest on any list and I know that real good friends are rare as snow in hell (that's why I have only a handful of real friends). I am pretty sure that most true freelance photographers have met this obstacle that it's so hard for non photographers to see, to understand the world we see it, in pictures and moments as well as in a livelihood worth fighting for. Sometimes you have to back down and take another route just to save something that can never be mended, not to compromise between what your life stands for, but juts back down and seek another better option. And that option for another route might mean that some people that never meant to be your trusted friend in the first place will get that right hands middle finger firmly outstreched, right in their face, so be it, life goes on with or without both you and me.....summer blues sucks!

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