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Friday, August 31, 2007

Copper Bike

The F.T.Police have funny bikes. Kinda like the ones you constantly crush your knees on the handlebars when riding. But they have a stick holder (for punishment) up front and a metal box (for lunch box) on the back. All in white, the color of DEATH....

The copper has this weird manner of always showing up and asking questions when you are shooting on the street, not much for them to do here on the streets of Tokyo other than plain harassment I guess. A "police", what I lazy and selfish way of conducting a life, living of the society welfare like some kind of immune parasite, pretending to be doing a good cause when you look through your fingers on the real crime, the corporate and political kinds. Shame on you, grow up, you're nothing more than an incompetent man in blue clothes to me.

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