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Monday, August 06, 2007

A Sunday In August

I know the remedy for my since childhood quite disturbing Sunday Blues. That is to find something that keeps your mind so occupied that Sunday just quickly pays its duce without mercy so Monday can start without a trace of those haunting school going days, man did I hate most days before 18 years of age. What kept me occupied this Sunday was a medley of photogenic situations with people doing this and that, like.....

People Posing

People Fighting

People Socializing

Seemed like I was not the only one suffering from Sunday Blues this day. It's just a level of how far you want to go to really kill it off, the limit is as you can see on various levels amongst our fellow earthlings... Always fun to see what other people actually do when they say they are having a good time, well...what can I say?....pretty lame!

The camera, both a "shield" and a "liberator"

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