Stay Sharp

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ueno Zoological Concentration Camp

This most be as close to hell a polar bear can come. 36 degrees Celsius in the shade on a hot slab of concrete infront of the human hordes. A bleak environment for both chained animals and probably a handful of people who might actually have seen compassion and understanding in it's true color. These in their free state animals with their proud colors of uniqueness have here been slowly washed dry to a mere lifeless heap of feathers, skin and fur. But for only ¥600 it's all yours for a day, cos don't we all just love to see them slowly die...enjoy...goes good with soft cream (¥400)!


Dobek said...

Finally!! someone saw this place for what is really is.

Circus should join the club..

It was cool seeing you on Sunday. Call me whenever you go skating :)

tony said...

Nice photos . . . must have been smelly at the zoo!