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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


MindScape Tattoo rules the plains of Kansai. HOLD FAST to your life, handlebar and camera gear. Thanx to Horicho for straight lines and Ogi for a place to rest during the weekend.

Sailors used to get this on their knuckles for good luck with not falling off the rigging and either being crushed on deck or ending up overboard to a certain death in the waves. Hold Fast on that line that is your life. After doing 10 years on freight carriers in the merchant marine I feel qualified. A strong slip-free grip on your decisions you take in life and are holding fast to. i.e don't give up, don't let go! When serving on ships in the merchant marine I tried to avoid having sailor related tattoos on me, but having been stranded for over 7 years now I miss the life I used to lead quite often and feel a certain pride in having the background that I have. I have found a new way of life within freelance photography but if I didn't I would be making a living on some carrier somewhere, seeing the world from the sea, not much can beat that feeling if you ask me!

Steady x As x She x Goes

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