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Thursday, September 27, 2007

OCT 8, 3PM @ The Ghetto = RxKxBx 1st Run (& New Logos)



B.I.K.E myspace

Mack from B.W.T got me these two nice logos for the one and only RoadxKillxBikersx. Great to have individual freethinkers like Mack supporting us in this manner. WE ARE the stealth riders of Tokyo, lika a phantom force, the RxKxBx are always there, on the streets, proving again and again that pedal power is the solution.

Tack Mack

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Anonymous said...

Skall se om jag kan fa tummen ur vroooooovven och maila over nagra nya daggers eller annat med the spirit of RxKxBx inom snar framtid.