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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Aces High

Went up to Fukushima last Sunday on a job. These flying horsemen turned out to be pretty photogenic. With a lens range between 16mm - 70mm , mainly the hight and space got more of the images than the often used closeup shot with a long tele lens would give you. The motorcycle scene has as anywhere else its "own" photographers. Many times doing the same framing and composition over and over again, shaping somekind of unwritten rules. By breaking these "trends" and produce a new set of angles is just healthy for the "industry" if you ask me. For example, put a famous motocross photographer on a fashion shoot for a glossy mag and you will have something you have never seen before, this goes both ways of course. By keeping close to the subject (like Capa once said!) proves to be the ticket most times. I seldome work with a telelens except for portrait/fashion jobs. 4649


Anonymous said...

Ser ju for javla gott ut att kunna flyga sa dar....Mack

My said...

Great !
You've an amazing name ;-)