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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We made it!!

The 1st Annual Road Kill Bikers Run is now behind us and even though we had a couple of small drawbacks due to the weather which was supposed to have been a ripping, rain pouring typhoon, but which only produced a couple of miserable dropplets...enough for some of the rather rain shy local heroes to stay home on the couch, something I guess they all regret now after cos the run was great. A thight Tokyo down town traffic run isn't a fact till at least one rider gets in full contact with a mad taxi drivers speeding vehicle. One of our core rider took the impact well and with a smashed carbon-fiber front wheel, camera, cheek and knee he was the hero of the day while the taxi driver got a way with nothing more than a fucked up windsheild, a licence ripping police report and an in the air swelling hatred for him and all his peers. We'll take revenge next month on the 17th!

Later in the evening back at home base (The Ghetto) we celebrated with the "first in Japan" screening of B.I.K.E. All in all around 50 people made it and for being the first get-together hosted by RxKxBx I was more than pleased. To have the people in New York backing us up with their superb documentary was more than we could almost believe. To try to beat that on the second Annual run will be hard. The images that follows are taken by me as well as two local photographers, all with a pretty differnt view of the day as well as shooting styles, a nice collaboration between us all.

November 17 = Speed Night Run. Start at The Ghetto. Please send me an e-mail if you wanna join (see top page)

RxKxBx are planning to get us all togheter again in April next year for a spring event. Check this blog for updates.


Following images by MARI , professional local photographer.

And last but not least by far, photo extraordinaire maestro MOTOYAN

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Anonymous said...

Ser ju ut att ha varit hur lyckat som helst broder Falk. Coola pics raising hell Tokyobastard-style. Sag nagra vita nyllen dar ocksa i mangden + nan donna. Kan ju helt klart bli an mera power nasta meeting.

The Mack