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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Constantinople and beyond...

I was shooting negative 35mm on this trip to Turkey 6-7 years ago. Travelled mainly by buss for 7 weeks through this one of my top 5 most interesting countries that I have ever been to. Turkey for a travelling photographer is just great, the culture and its history is there and has been for along time, people are helpful and the food is great. Its cheap and easy to travel anywhere. I went from Istanbul to Mt Ararat near the Iranian border the Northern route up to the Black sea and then back to Istanbul via the central (Cappadokia) and Southern parts, taking in the exotic atmosphere of the Mediterranean sea along the way. During my 7 weeks in Turkey I went to all the major cities as well as some of the most remote areas off the beaten track, from the modern oldschool city of Istanbul and Ankara to the remote areas of the wild eastern "Kurdistan". Some sample shots scanned from small prints above.

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