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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bike Film Festival 2007 -TOKYO-

The 2007 International Bike Film Festival, a 3 day movie/bike feast presented by Brendt Barbur and friends was a perfect way to end the year for bicycle geeks like myself. I was there shooting for Shake Magazine and met a whole bunch of great people during the festa. The day after the BFF I was off to Thailand (see post below) so this post is a month and a half too late (better late than never, right!?).

The BFF 2008 will be a welcomed round up of this years bicycle happenings. To Brendt and all the other people making this festival for all of us out there, you're that heroes that makes a different, keep up the great work!

RxKxBx / MWCP salute you!

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