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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hold Fast 2008 or Old Habits Die Hard (Harder Than November Rain...)

Back in the cockpit after a 5 week "thing" in Thailand. Explored the remote North West corner of the country in search for something out of the common and found some cool material to work with, stuff that I set out to find in the first place. Might become an article someday when I have landed back home with all senses still intact.

So, another year, another number to knock off the calender, so what! Life goes on till it doesn't so I am just planning to continue doing what I do best, i.e. doing my thing the way I like it. Hopefully I will continue to have the chance to respect all the great people I had the pleasure to meet and work with during 2007, as well as put behind me the drawbacks and try new directions where the last attempts failed. Some new ways are going to be taken to see what they might reveal, but in general, keep on track and continue the fight!

The classic MWCP & RxKxBx spirit is still intact, here are some of the scenes I stumbled upon during my month and a half in Siam. Don't know why, but dogs have always been photogenic to me, mans best friend...

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Anonymous said...

Manga fina pics fran senaste tripen broder Falk. Gris shotsen var coola, nat visst med dessa bokande svin tycker jag. Kanske ar det att man kanner igen sig sjalv och manskligheten...?