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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Tool - G9 Test shooting-

Decided to invest in a small compact but worthy digital camera. I never liked the expression "snap shooting" since as long as you know what you are doing and aim to get what your mind is up to get you are not snap shooting or even worse, "Point & Shoot! (Of course you point and shoot, but it's more to it than that isn't it??) in my way of seeing it anyways. Nevertheless, the Canon 12.1 Mega Pixel turned out to be kind of perfect for the purpose I was looking to use this camera for. I can attach a pro flash head on it's hot-shoe and print up to A2, and shoot in RAW (!). This camera has more functions than you might ever even want to ask for, or need for that part.

The beauty with the G9 is that I can now sneak around shooting pretty more or less invisible and get with the 12.1 MP good enough images to use for business. I can now ride with my bros in the hard core Tokyo traffic without having to worry too much to crash with a full SLR gear around my neck (heavy, expensive and too visible). I plan to bring this handy work tool on future assignments and as well as on private trips. And with 2x 2GB cards I will be covered for most situations. I still do hate those small view finders though. It's just not the same shooting through a 3" screen as it is through the solitude world of a well sealed view finder. Harder to focus in many senses and to actually see what you get. Welcome to the unglorified world of digital street photography.

Lets see how it will sound in a year or so, maybe it will be the trash box but I doubt it.

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