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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

At The Gates

Live at Studio Coast May 11, Tokyo/Japan

I remember seeing At The Gates when I was 17 or 18 or something like that. I went to the small venue by myself (ofcourse...), dressed up in my leather jacket and my long hair covering my pimpled face. To see them again after so many years as a professional photographer (still alone ofcourse..) and have the chance to actually hook up with the band was for me a great thing. Man, they kicked ass on stage and delivered the true Gothenburg sound to a hall packed with a frantic crowd of mainly younger Japanese kids. Thanks Anders for the press pass and thanks Tomas, Martin, Jonas and Adrian for the once in a lifetime chance to see you guys ripping it up. Felt like 17 years old again.


Anonymous said...


great pics,
At the Gates, The Band!!!, fathers of Melodic Death Metal.


mr.ruhi said...

fucking great review and pic...
atg rules!
pioneer of finest gothenburg sound!

Anonymous said...

saludos somos banda tributo a at the gates muy importante el tema de la fotografia...estan muy lindas las fotos...saludos desde chile