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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The "New" BLACK DAHLIA a.k.a "Brat Virago" & SPEEED NIGHT Vol.9 The PAIN KILLER Ride

SPEEED NIGHT Vol.9 SUNDAY 7/12 @ The Ghetto - Where the weak are killed and eaten, 21:00~

The PAIN KILLER ride, be there on time or we leave without you (when are you grownup babies gonna learn to be on time?).

The renegade BLACK DAHLIA a.k.a. BRAT VIRAGO

Keep your eyes open for this beauty passing you on the inside lane when you least expect it.

No Rules

P.S A better image is on the way

1 comment:

motoyan said...

I like the handle bar.
Track bike x BMX. Nice combination.