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Monday, August 04, 2008

APPLEBUM shooting

Hooked up with APPLEBUM clothing yesterday for a photo session, really nice clothes too!! I prefer to be behind the camera (I'm a photographer, right!), but if a friend (Starfucker Gon, the guy above) asks me I will help out modeling. Guess I should start thinking of doing something about my saggy man-tits and old sloppy belly....shape up and trim!

P.S At least I had the chance to snap the photos above (G9 pocket power).


little butterfly said...

You don't look as bad as you think! Quite the contrary!! And pretty cool :)

I'm amazed by your work. Seeing your pictures, it makes me remember, that I'm such a beginner and it puts me with shame! I hope that I will someday become only half as good as you!


little butterfly said...

Thanks so much for your time in responding!
Unfortunately we have never met! ;)
I have stopped by your website and if I'm not wrong I saw your picture somewhere which made me think what I have said :)!
Please keep up your good work!!

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Oh, I see...well, thanx for those kind words and I hope we will meet someday...who knows.

Bye for now