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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jun And The Starfucker

New STARFUCKER bike in the RxKxBx klan. This is a really tight and soulful bicycle from one of Tokyo's best "New" builder, the Starfuckers. Too be able to keep things simple but still have that hard core fundament is always harder than it looks, and in this case it works just beautifully. What more can you ask for if you are a rider whom put weight on quality and heart...and speeed?


motoyan said...

I didn't realize that Jun got a Starfucker at last RxKxBx.
He got a nice fuckin bike!

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Yup, he's now an official S.F rider...he is also a drummer of dooooom!!

See you on the 6th.

RxKxBx Matt