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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Face, Bikes & stuff @ Bicycle Film Festival Tokyo -08

Go Filipe. Cyclists in Tokyo hasn't caught up with the rest of the world on hitching a ride of a fast moving vehicle yet. I've only seen the RxKxBx's practicing this superb mode of commuting over here so far!

Kaneko kun from DEPTdoing his thing on the tall bike

Freeee'ks from the Ghetto gutter, the best dudes of them all!

Sexy Sushi, great Tokyo based photographer

Who's a RxKxBx in this picture?

Who's the champion of the world in this?

Who's the midget in this one?

Ikeda san, a local Tokyo bike builder. The name of his workshop is REW10WORKS and he built a really cool Tall Bike for us. Probably the first one in Tokyo!!

Snickers & Beer.....

...and you end up like Eli in Turbo mode. Check his BLOG, it's really cool!

STARFUCKERS have done it again!! Their new creature is one of a kind and will blow the world away when it comes out on the market in a coupel of months. CEO Shinya with his new bike....I love it!

BFF Tokyo producer Satoshi is the one we all should thank for putting up such a cool event this year again. I know how much work he puts into this and without dedicated people like Satoshi and his team we would be one Bike film festival less.

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