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Monday, September 29, 2008

HORIMATSU a.k.a Matti Sedholm

Swedish tattooer/photographer Matti Sedholm was visiting town and I had the pleasure to hang with him for two days in Tokyo. He came to town to do an article about -mwcp- for the leading photography magazine over there (Kamera&Bild) so there were plenty of deep camera talk and other stuff all revolving around photography (and tattooing). I showed Matti to my favorite spots in Tokyo and since it was quite some time since I went to Meiji temple I saw the beauty in the place again and managed to get some shots worth showing you all. Lycka till med allt Matti, vi ses kanske nan dag, vem vet!


Anonymous said...

what? im all confused!? i stumbled on your blog through a post on trackosaurus on the kalavinkashooting, and next thing i see is my neighbour and tattooerhusband matti, and your sxe, what is all this, are you swedish??

one love

erikhurst at

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

...I'm confused as well....or am I... maybe not!? Your name Erik, kind of indicates that you may well be a man. Matti told me his was married but I assumed he meant to a woman...well, well...

Have fun

Matti Sedholm/Horimatsu said...

As far as I know mu wife's name isn't Erik. How long was I in Japan?

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

...Hi Matti, so who is this dude then...? Is he Swedish perhaps, sXe perhaps....confusing indeed!


Matti Sedholm/Horimatsu said...

Figured it out! It's a mispelling. This Erik used to get tattooed by my wife, so what he means is "neighbour and my tattooers husband". Not that I am his tattooerhusband. Took me half a day to get it straight though. It was a funnier comment before I figured it out. But now it is truer.

All the best. Matti

erik said...

haha, yes i got it all wrong, matti is not my husband, but matti is married to Ingela, and SHE is mattis wife, and my tattoer, quite a mess haha!