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Friday, September 12, 2008

PULLING TEETH @ Shinjuku Loft

I have been shooting Pulling Teeth for about 5 years now. Their music still kicks hard and I know that I will continue to go to the shows for many years to come, music is what drives me many times and without it my photography wouldn't really have a strong foundation. But never the less, things move on and I feel that the P.T chapter in my photography must come to another phase pretty soon. It's time to do something with all the thousands of really cool photos of this trio and the bands around them.
For me this is delicate stuff, but I had the feeling that after shooting these portraits, the route that led me to finally sit down with the guys and shoot these after the show gave way to a finale, a proper end became possible.

PULLING TEETH will live forever, long live PULLING TEETH...

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S. said...

Hi! I found you strictly by accident & had to tell you how much I'm enjoying your photos.

Keep doing what you do, friend! :]