Stay Sharp

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Went to see Ikeda san from REW10WORKS in his workshop. Then a speeed ride through Tokyos amazing night streets. It's possible to keep a high speed on most streets since Saturday night has mainly taxis and they know by now not to fuck with us. Just another short stop with the G9 in Ueno park, have stopped shooting during the rides since it just takes the pleasure away from the actual riding and keeps the risk factor on an unnecessary high level. Sometimes it's just better to focus on one thing real tight and let the photographic memory stay in your mind instead of on a memory card. Like when you go to eat at really nice restaurant where you love the food, you don't want to spoil the moment by start shooting the food infront of you, do you? Well, I don't. I eat it, two completely different things to me. Why do you want to see the food you just enjoyed so much on your blog or on a print afterwards? Keep it inside and let the moment rule, the mental image will never be close to the image your camera captures anyways. If you can't live in the "now" and enjoy it, you have a problem that your camera can't help you with, you have to deal with your own shit, learn, and let the experiences from that show in your photography...but what do I know!!

Ride Hard

Thanx Ikeda san for showing us your workshop again. We love your work man!!! Check his work ---HERE---

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